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Aftercare Centre: Empowering New Muslims

Dawah centre

  • Create a welcoming space for new Muslims that fosters open conversations, breaks down barriers, and promotes understanding within our community

  • Support new Muslims, ensuring their seamless integration into the Muslim community and the wider British society

  • Provide family support, mentorship, aftercare, networking, counselling, housing advice, entrepreneurship, education and employment support

  • Raise awareness and create harmony in the broader society

Continuous Message CIC has a vision to establish a vibrant Dawah Centre in the heart of East London that support new Muslims at every step of their journey


How Much: £70,000

Why: Local Hub for New Muslims

Location: Stratford London E15

Purpose: Inclusive Support Environment That Supports New Muslims


  • Dawah to the path of Allah

  • Employment

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Peer Education

  • Mentorship

  • Education

  • Counselling

  • Housing Support

  • New Muslim Integration Support

  • Networking

  • Safe Social Environment



Stats and findings from Reports

Our findings are based ongoing research conducted by UK research and academic institutions from 1992 till the present day.


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Challenges met by Muslim Reverts

  • Converts often require support – social, emotional and educational – to help make their lives as British Muslims stable and productive.

  • “There is a lack of support networks and programmes within institutions like mosques and while many born Muslims welcome new converts, little support is provided to new Muslims on an ongoing basis”

  • “It is clear that support for new converts is poor at best and non-existent at worst”

  • There is often targeting of converts by the British Security Services to work as informants

  • White converts lose their white privilege on conversion

  • Conversion to Islam in prison is usually driven by a desire to instil discipline into a prisoner’s life. But upon release, Muslims find little support from their families or Muslim communities, increasing the risk of reoffending

  • Converts live in a liminal space: cut off from their families and friends and only tenuously integrated within heritage Muslim communities.

  • Recognition that women converts experience worse hardships through wearing the hijab and other religious dress

  • There are many routes to Islam: love and marriage; friendship; conviction and rational choice; music, arts, architecture and pondering the beauty of the universe



Personal Statements from Muslim Reverts

  • “It was a very challenging time and an experience I won’t forget about. I suffered physical and emotional abuse from my family. It was a very testing time” (Abdul Maalik Tailor).

  • “As a white man in modern Britain, I’d never come across the feeling of being in a minority before and that actually quite shocked me.” (Adrian (Jamal)).

  • “You find a number of stories that concentrate on radicalisation. If there are successful Muslim converts who have contributed to society and to Britain, they won’t get highlighted by the media. Why do the media have a set agenda to try and demonise us?” (Abdul Maalik Tailor)

  • “There is now a need for more work on the friends and families of converts, heritage Muslims’ views and reception of converts, the children of converts, and more work on conversion to Islam in Britain away from the security prism.” (Shahla Awad Suleiman)